Like all of us, Derek Carr also hates Stephen A. Smith

By Amber Lee
USA Today

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is not happy with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

On ESPN’s “First Take,” Smith was critical of Carr’s apparent criticism of those who aren’t “true Raider fans.”

“To literally say that the’re not real fans with the nonsense and the ineptitude that they have tolerated for more than a decade while still supporting this franchise?” Smith said on the show. “He’s got a lot of nerve saying that!”

First take not only tweeted that blurb, but tagged Carr’s Twitter in it. Naturally, the quarterback — who had already tried to clarify his comments — responded.

We might have a full-on feud budding between these two.

Well, Carr has shown that if he feels he’s being treated unfairly, he’ll respond. Traditionally, Smith has been more than willing to re-engage with those who criticize his words.

We may not be at peak Twitter war levels just yet. But we’re not far from there, either.