Animal Hoarder Jose Canseco Pulled Over Joyriding With His Goats

By Amber Lee
So...THIS happened.
So…THIS happened.

Earlier this week super juiced slugger Jose Canseco made headlines—a lot of headlines—went he tweeted out a photo of he and his girlfriend, a model named Leila Knight, getting pulled over with a half-diapered goat looking curiously out the window in the back.

Sayeth the juiced one.
Sayeth the juiced one.

The cop laughed at your saggy-diapered goats chilling in the back? You don’t say! Laughter is the obvious first reaction. The obvious second reaction probably should’ve been a field sobriety test and extensive search of Canseco’s roving barnyard on wheels.

Fainting goats are best in pairs.
Fainting goats are best in pairs.

Apparently the couple decided to get a couple of fainting goats after seeing a documentary on them at some point.

Meaning that Knight decided she had to have them and Canseco decided rather live with her and some goats, rather than without any of them.

And wait—is anyone else surprise that Jose Canseco watches documentaries? Oh…everybody is? Okay, just wondering.

There's a lot more than goats at casa Canseco.
There’s a lot more than goats at casa Canseco.

The goat thing is pretty funny—not to mention classic Canseco—but a quick scan of his photos on Twitter reveals this goes a lot deeper than that.

These two weren’t out getting their first pet(s) together as a couple and opted for fainting goats instead of a kitten.

They’ve already got a house full of animals.

Okay...these are pretty cute.
Okay…these are pretty cute.
And so are these.
And so are these.
But WOW! That's too many dogs.
But WOW! That’s too many dogs.

It turns out Canseco and Knight already had two turtles and seven dogs between the two of them…at least.

As someone with three dogs, I can assure you that sometimes it feels like I’m living with seven dogs, two turtles and a couple of fainting goats. So I can’t even begin to imagine the chaotic nightmare their home lives must be.

I’m not sure at what point someone goes from animal lover to animal hoarder, but Canseco and his lady love certainly seem to be walking the line. Assuming they haven’t already crossed it.

Whatever though, we all know Jose Canseco is going to do whatever Jose Canseco wants to do. Whether it be swinging from a star or carrying moonbeams in a jar…or hoarding animals.

Side note: How miserable do those poor Weimaraners look? Poor bastards…