Dwyane Wade, Paul George reportedly working out together in Los Angeles

By Ryan Ward

NBA superstars Dwyane Wade and Paul George are going through quite a transitional phase this summer.

Wade has to get used to life with the Chicago Bulls without Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo while potentially getting bought out. George, however, has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder from the Indiana Pacers and will play for only the second team in his NBA career.

Although both players are going through changes with potentially more to come considering the rumors of them changing teams once again, the two stars have been seen working out together in Los Angeles, according to Wade’s Instagram post.

There’s a good chance that these two could be playing alongside one another next season. George has been consistently linked to the Los Angeles Lakers. Wade, however, could get bought out by the Bulls and end up in Los Angeles or back with the Miami Heat.

If Wade ends up with the Lakers and likes what he sees with George and or LeBron James potentially joining the team next summer, Los Angeles could become a hot spot for NBA stars once again.

Obviously, a lot has to happen for Wade and George to land in Los Angeles in the near future, but it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.