NFL season win totals: 5 best bets

By Matt Verderame

The National Football League season is finally here after a month of meaningless preseason games. While some will try to glean some truths from August, we haven’t learned anything new. Whatever you thought of a team before the season, simply factor in injuries incurred and your opinion shouldn’t change much.

Every year, we have Vegas’ win total lines for each NFL team. Let’s take a look at five worth betting on in 2016…

Chicago Bears (7.5)

Chicago is not going to win eight games this season. It would be nothing short of a miracle if this team was able to crack .500, let alone exceed it. The Bears have some talent, but not near enough to make a legitimate run at the over in this scenario.

If the number was seven, it would be much more of stay-away. However, given you can win the under bet with a record of 7-9, this is easy money.

Kansas City Chiefs (9.5)

Kansas City is going to do better than 9-7. The Chiefs have won 11 games in two of their past three seasons and face an easier schedule this year than last. In addition, Kansas City is getting back Jamaal Charles and Phillip Gaines from injury, having gotten a combined eight games from that duo in 2015.

The Chiefs should feast on the weak AFC and NFC South divisions, while taking care of an easy home slate. Look for Kansas City to roll past this total.

Atlanta Falcons (7.5)

The Falcons are not going to finish .500 or better. Atlanta has absolutely no pass rush in a division featuring the likes of Jameis Winston, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. After starting last year off at 5-0, Atlanta mangled its advantage to go 3-8 the rest of the way. In the offseason, general manager Thomas Dimitroff did little to improve the team.

Atlanta has the play the high-powered AFC West and will struggle against those top defenses. The Falcons are lucky to win six games this season.

Washington Redskins (7.5)

Washington might have been a stay-away here until Tony Romo got hurt. The Redskins likely picked up a win with that ailment, and that could put them comfortably at nine wins. Washington has one of the more explosive offenses in the game, featuring Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson.

Provided the defense takes a minor leap with the acquisition of corner Josh Norman, Washington should be the favorite to once again claim the NFC East. The division is weak, and the Redskins should be able to thrash some of its foes to make the over a smart bet.

San Diego Chargers (7.5)

San Diego simply isn’t going to win eight games in the brutal AFC West. The Chargers are a much better team than the 4-12 record of 2015, but even with that, it won’t be breaking even. San Diego is clearly the fourth-best team in the division behind the Chiefs, Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders.

It would be stunning if San Diego comes close to this line.