Broncos Trying To Unload Another Loser QB In Texas

By Amber Lee
Another franchise for Sanchize?
Another franchise for Sanchize?

After letting Brock Osweiler, the heir apparent to a retired Peyton Manning, sign with the Houston Texans during the offseason, the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are actively pursuing a trade that would send another quarterback to the Lone Star State.

According to Jane Slater of the NFL Network, the Broncos are looking to potentially unload 225 pounds of dead weight known as Mark Sanchez. They have reportedly contacted the Dallas Cowboys, who are presumably in the market for a Dak Prescott backup plan, following the latest horrifying, career-threatening injury of one Tony Romo.

While you certainly can’t blame the Broncos for trying to unload a deeply unimpressive dud of a QB like Sanchez to a seemingly desperate franchise, you have to respect the Cowboys for not being stupid enough to willingly accept the terms of a contract that will pay him $4.5 million this season.

Ya know…like the Broncos did when they traded the Philadelphia Eagles for him just five short months ago.

At this point a deal seems unlikely because Dallas, wisely, isn’t looking to pay $4.5 million to a guy not good enough to keep a roster spot in division rival Philly. That could change if the front office in Denver sweetens the pot a bit by paying a portion of Sanchez’s 2016 salary.