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the right sportsbook is a challenging and arduous task. Since the very first online casino went live in 1994 there has been an explosion of gambling websites that are ready to take your money. Out of the hundreds of online sportsbooks, how do you know which are good, which are not, and which is the right one for you?

With so many options out there it is simply impossible for you to use the time and the money to try and wade through the masses yourself. And that is where our reviews come in. This is where we can help.

Betting Sports Reviews

We have reviewed several of the top sportsbooks on the internet so you don’t have to jump into the unknown sea of the internet and try to figure out the ins and outs of each book on your own. You don’t have that kind of time, but we do.

For each of the sportsbook reviews listed here we did deposit money and we did place actual bets. We didn’t always put in large enough deposits to take advantage of all of the potential bonuses that each site offered. We also didn’t place bets on every possible sport, or every type of bet that a particular sport offered. But we did use each of the sites as you, the customer would, so that we could write the most honest and complete review possible based on our experience in the industry.

Review Breakdown

Each of our reviews focus on both the features of the particular sportsbook in question as well as its overall usability. And to make it easier for you to pinpoint the features of a sportsbook that are most important to you, our reviews are broken down into evaluations in the following five categories:

User Interface

Ease of use and the intuitive nature in which a site interacts with its customer is paramount to a good sportsbook and to an enjoyable experience for the customer. You need to easily place the bets you want, when you want, and as simply as the site will allow.


You know that an experienced sportsbook with a solid reputation does things right. From the security of your funds, to the privacy of your information, to the regional regulations in which they comply, it all goes to giving you peace of mind when giving them your financial information and placing your desired bets.

Account Management

As good as some of these sites are, there’s bound to be a glitch every now and then. It’s a computer, after all, and technology isn’t perfect. But prompt and easy customer service and a multitude of ways to contact support, like live chat, email, and phone, can make all the difference.

Moving Money

At the end of the day this is all about your money. How easy is to make a deposit? How big is that deposit required to be? How large or small can the bets be that I place? And perhaps most importantly, how quickly will they process my payouts?


Everyone wants your business and they are willing to give you free money to make it happen. Some bonuses are big, but require a big deposit. Others are smaller. Others still are tied to specific sports, or days of the week, or the type of action you play. Finding the right bonuses for the types of games that you prefer to play can be a lot to sort through. But the reward for taking the time and the effort to do the sorting can also pay big dividends.

Things to keep in mind…

A couple of things to remember when considering deposit bonuses and reading our reviews. Some sportsbooks offer so many different types of bonuses and wagers that it was impossible for us to try them all. So it is quite likely that you will run into something that our review didn’t cover, or that we didn’t even knew about. This is why we also encourage you to check out the reviews of others and see how they compare to ours, as well as to your own experiences.

Also keep in mind that these are businesses that are always looking for ways to please their customers and attract even more of them. Don’t be afraid to suggest changes, improvements, and tell them what you are looking for in your perfect sportsbook. It’s the only way they’ll know how to better serve you, which is what they want to do.

Finally, be sure to shop around. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the available and reputable sportsbooks out there. This is simply our attempt to help you break the seal on the seemingly overwhelming task of deciding what makes a good sportsbook, then finding the right fit. The rest is about your own personal preference in spending your money.