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We’re a team of dedicated sports nuts.  We love sports, and we love betting on them.  Typical company dinners have writers betting an over/under on the waitress’s age, or the total on the bill.  At the office, we have eight televisions, each showing sports.  Our refrigerator is always completely full of beer.  We melt down during football season, and literally go slightly insane during March Madness.  We spread our nuttiness about sports and betting here on this website, as well as the typical social media channels. is owned and operated by Betting Sports Holdings, Ltd (BSH) of Malta.  BSH is in the business of providing topical, relevant, high-quality sports information to the gambling public.  The company is run by a group of people who have had their finger on the pulse of the online sports betting industry since the very beginning.  The writers  and editorial staff are simply the best in the business.