Occasionally, you will see ads while you’re watching TV or surfing the net for professional handicappers. Many times they brag to you about how many games they’ve picked correctly, and how many years they’ve been doing this and so on.

Be advised. None of them are always right. And they do not offer to cover your losses if they give you a bad pick. So don’t just go by everything they say.

However, sometimes these pros will come up with some obscure stats that may be a “hot tip”. Keep in mind that this is their job. They have nothing to do all day but look over stats, injury reports, past game results, and see if they can spot something to give them an edge.

They may notice that the Steelers are 6-0 on Monday nights when they played Cleveland the week before. Who else is going to give you a stat like that? Does that mean if Pittsburgh has a Monday night game this season after playing Cleveland, that they will win? No. But if it’s happened every other time, it sure makes you not want to bet against them doesn’t it?

Anything to give you an edge when gambling is worth taking advantage of. As long as they are making you more money than they are costing you, then of course, use the handicappers.