Nick Saban Staying In Tuscaloosa, Signs Contract Extension

By Amber Lee
As always, Nick Saban looks absolutely thrilled.
As always, Nick Saban looks absolutely thrilled.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was the first to report that Nick Saban finally agreed to a multi-year contract extension with Alabama, which will keep him the highest paid coach in college football. And, as usual, the richest just get richer.

The offer was made early this week, with many speculating he may have been dragging his feet, waiting for the Mack Brown situation at Texas to get resolved. Maybe he just got tired of waiting for Brown to read the writing on the wall?

The university confirmed Herbstreit’s tweet with a tweet of their own shortly thereafter. Which was very helpful to people like me, who initially assumed that Herbstreit, who isn’t really a “breaking news” kinda guy, had been hacked.

Not for nothing, but Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was pretty definitive about his coach’s future on Thursday. When asked about the possibility of Saban going to Texas, McCarron said that he believed Saban when he said he wasn’t leaving and that his wife wouldn’t let him go even if he wanted to.

Ya know…someday people are going to finally start listening to that kid.

You'd think that trophy was made of rotting meat.
You’d think that trophy was made of rotting meat.

So it looks like The Tide will, in fact, continue to Roll with the miserable face of Nick Saban leading the charge.

As for those suffering Longhorn fans at Texas? Welp…sucks to be them.