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This Week in Fail

This week was a wild one as we saw many teams collapse and fail.  Normally, we have two or three teams to talk about.  This week, though, there was much more that I would have to write a book to discuss the fails we witnessed this week.  Instead we are going to run down the top 5 fails of the week.

5.  Texas Rangers

It is not often that we get to talk about the MLB off-season on the “This Week In Fail” blog, but the Rangers did something that made everyone simultaneously think, “what were they thinking?”

The Rangers traded their ace pitcher Josh Hamilton to LA Angels.  They were thinking that they would trade Hamilton for next to nothing and then pick up another big trade for an ace pitcher elsewhere.  Unfortunately, their options have began to dwindle and they may find themselves on the outside looking in during the upcoming MLB season.  Especially if they have to play without a definitive ace.

4.  Indiana

Despite being 8-2 Butler were huge underdogs going into their basketball game against the number one ranked Indiana.  Butler proved that they are legit contender this year by defeating Indiana 88-86 in a huge upset victory.  How you going to let that happen, Indiana?

3.  Chicago Bears

It was only about a month or so ago that the Chicago Bears were considered one of the best teams in the NFL.  You would discuss the Bears when talking about the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots and San Fransico 49ers.  They have since fallen from grace however.  On Sunday the Bears lost to their division rivals, the Green Bay Packers.  With that win the Packers clinched the division and now leave the Bears tied with the Minnesota Vikings for second place in the division.  The Bears will now have to fight for a wild card spot to keep their post season hopes alive.

2.  Nevada

Nevada had the New Mexico Bowl won two different times.  During the first half Nevada had a huge lead 21-0.  They then allowed Arizona to close the gap and it looked like we had ourselves a ball game.  Nevada again, though, smacked Arizona back and took another commanding lead going into the last quarter, 45-28.  Nevada then allowed Arizona to make a final quarter comeback and win the game 49-48.  Nevada had this game won on several different occasions and failed over and over again to maintain control.

1.  New York Giants

The Giants are in a must win situation for every game they play.  They have to win in order to stay on top of the NFC East.  Unfortunately they got completely shut out by the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday 34-0.  Meanwhile, both the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskin won their games.  This means that we have a three-way tie in the NFC East division.  Thanks to the Giants loss, things just got real interesting in the NFC East.

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