Brock Purdy, 49ers

49ers Eager To Feed QB Brock Purdy More Reps

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is on course to be the QB1 as he recovers from an elbow injury.

Injuries to Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance last season meant Brock Purdy had a surprise playoff run as a rookie.

The 49ers won 7 regular season games and 2 playoff games with Brock Purdy as the starter. His, and the 49ers’, run came to an end when he was injured in the NFC Championship game loss to the Eagles.


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Quarterback coach Brian Griese says repeated exposure to in-game situations is the key to unlocking Purdy’s potential.

“He was thrown into a situation, the game goes fast, we’re making a playoff push, it’s kind of all hands on deck and it’s whatever it takes to win,” Brian Griese said

“It was Brock’s first time for everything. And there were a lot of things that he did that were unbelievable that none of us could have expected from a rookie in that scenario.”

“Whereas a younger player might need to see it to throw it, more experienced quarterback might take everything into account to understand that there’s a 85% chance that that guy should be open right there,” Griese said. 

“And now I’m gonna make that decision because it’s first-and-10 and it’s not third-and-5 to throw that ball. And to be able to assess that risk and to do that consistently, continually during the course of a game hundreds of times …”


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“That’s why reps are so important and experience is so important to be able to have a risk/reward analysis when you don’t have all of the information and the team depends on you to make the right choice.”

Following surgery on March 10, Purdy says he feels ‘almost back to normal’. With an offseason geared towards him being the starter, he definitely feels much more comfortable as well. 

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