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Are the White Sox the Cubs of the AL?

We have seen a little more than a month of baseball and one of the big things that we learned is that the Chicago White Sox are not the same team that battled to the very end with the Detroit Tigers for a spot in the playoffs.

This has led me to wonder if the White Sox are going to go the way of another team in Chicago, the Cubs.  While the White Sox are not by any means the worst team in the American League, they are currently sitting in last place in the Central Division with a 14 win and 18 loss record.  Similarly, their counter parts in the National League, the Cubs, have a 13 win 21 loss record.

According to the odds on most sports books, they have yet to give up on the White Sox.  At least they are still in the conversation, though, most sites have their odds at an AL Pennant at 50/1.  They also at this moment have a +2000 money line if you want to bet on them winning the AL division.  The point being, while the White Sox are still on the minds of a lot of bettors and fans as being contenders, they are slipping fast.

So what is the problem over on the south side of Chicago?  Other than the obvious (they aren’t winning games), the White Sox are contending with a laundry list of injuries.  Gavin Floyd got put on the injureir list earlier this week.  John Danks is also injured.  Both Bordon Backham and Dayan Viciedo are also not playing.  Lastly, Jef Keppinger is playing through what appears to be a back injury.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura, meanwhile, seems to have a sit and wait for his guys to come back strategy of baseball.  However, a team has to adjust and adapt to injuries in order to keep winning otherwise they will get left behind, which is exactly what is happening to the White Sox right now.

Basically the overall conclusion is that if the White Sox do not start winning some games soon, the White Sox vs Cubs series main selling point could be that it is a series to determine who truly is the worst team in Chicago.

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