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Biggest Questions Around the NFL

While we still have a summer to wait for football we are all ready talking a lot about the NFL.  There are a ton questions that need to be answered.  The answer to these question will not only have an impact on the game itself but also the betting lines.

Will RG3 Be The Same?


Without question, the best show last season was watching the explosive Robert Griffin III reinvent the way that professional football is played.  However, at the end of the season he suffered an ACL tear which can be a career ending injury.  Lucky for Washington Redskins fans it looks as though he may even play in the season opener.

I do not think RG3 will ever be the same.  Not because he is unhealthy but because he will need to be better taken care of as he is a long term investment for the Redskins.  He will still run the option, but do not expect him to fight for every yard as he did last season, making us all gasp and jump up with excitement.  He will be doing a lot more baseball slides than before and also expect him to rely a little more on his passing game.

Who Will Be the Starting QB for the Jets?

This is the big question that has been dominated the news cycle ever since the New York Jets drafted Geno Smith.  Offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg along with Rex Ryan have a choice to make, and judging by OTAs neither quarterback is the ideal choice to help Ryan keep his job.  Both Mark Sanchez and Smith have been throwing interceptions and neither appear to be season ready.  Ryan and Mornhinweg clearly have a lot of work to do.

How Will Chip Kelly Do?

Chip Kelly is a popular subject for discussion among those of use who analyze sports as we are anxious to see how Chip Kelly’s college coaching style is going to translate into the pros.  Or, if Kelly’s selection of Matt Barkley in the draft is any indication, perhaps Kelly is altering his coaching style now that he is in the NFL.  Regardless, the Philadelphia Eagles offense is likely to be fast paced and exciting to watch.

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