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Blackhawks and Penguins Top Bovada Updated Odds

Two teams have 5/2 odds of taking the Stanley Cup this year in Bovada’s updated Stanley Cup Odds.  Both the Chicago Blackhawks and the Pittsburgh Penguins sit atop the current Stanley Cup Odds.

Its no secret how the Blackhawks made it here.  After they had a historic start to the season, they managed to continue to play solid hockey all season long.  The ‘Hawks then moved into the playoffs and exhibited clear superiority over the Minnesota Wild.  Chicago will now go on to face the Detroit Red Wings in round 2.  The Red Wings managed to upset the No.2 seeded Anaheim Ducks to make to round 2.  The ‘Hawks are without a doubt the huge favorites to go over the No. 7 seeded Red Wings.  In the first game of the series the Blackhawks money line is at -220 compared to the Red Wings money line at +180.  That game is tonight.

Turning our attention to the other team atop the odds, the Penguins go here, much like the Blackhawks, by being a dominate team all season long.  They also had a big streak late in the season to really get them rolling going into the playoffs.  The Penguins also had a pretty dominate performance against the No.8 seeded New York Islanders to get past Round 1.  They won the series 4-2.  They now have the Ottawa Senators on their radar for Round 2.

The Senators are another No. 7 team, much like the Red Wins, who upset a No. 2 seeded team in Round 1 (the Montreal Canadiens).  The Senators surprisingly dominate that series 4-1.  Now they will look to surprise the Penguins.  Their Stanley Cup odds, however, sit at a poor 15/1.

Below is the complete Stanley Cup odds courtesy of Bovada.

Odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup 
Chicago Blackhawks – 5/2
Pittsburgh Penguins – 5/2
Los Angeles Kings – 7/1
San Jose Sharks – 15/2
Boston Bruins – 8/1
New York Rangers – 8/1
Detroit Red Wings – 15/1
Ottawa Senators – 15/1

Rounding out the Conference Semi-finals, the San Jose Sharks will be taking on the LA Kings, who are the favorites to win this series.  The Boston Bruins will be clashing with their old rivals, the New York Rangers.    The Rangers are only the slight favorites in that series.

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