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Bo Nix Ready To Start NFL Games Says Broncos GM

Denver Broncos quarterback Bo Nix is ‘game ready’ right out of the draft according to general manager George Paton.

Due to turn 24 this season, Bo Nix is on the more experienced end of quarterback draftees. While many considered the 12th pick too high for him, the Broncos feel his college experience will stand him in good stead.

Bo Nix had 61 starts for Auburn and Oregon, which is the most for a quarterback in NCAA history.


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It’s possible we could see Nix become the starter over Zach Wilson, Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci. If Denver is going to make the postseason for the first time in eight years, it needs an answer at quarterback.

Since Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos have started twelve quarterbacks. George Paton thinks Nix is ready to come in and give it a shot.

“You look at it, it’s hard because this is new, but 24 years old is not that old for football,” Paton said. 

“You evaluate it, but you’re really evaluating the player, you’re evaluating the person. Evaluate how they fit in with the organization, especially for a quarterback.

“To me, the age, they’re going to be more, especially with a guy like Bo Nix, 61 starts, we feel like he’ll be more game-ready than if we were going to draft a 21-year-old.”


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“I’d watched all the quarterbacks, seen them live (during the regular season on scouting trips),” Paton said. 

“And then the season’s over, I get with Sean and we watched the quarterbacks (on tape). And Sean liked a lot of these quarterbacks.

“And when we got to Bo, it was pretty instant. Sean was like, ‘man.’ You know, Sean.”

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