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Brandon Staley: New Offensive Style Needed To Win Super Bowls

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley says he’s looking for leadership qualities in his new coaching hires.

When you collapse like the Chargers did against Jacksonville in the Wild Card round, heads are bound to roll.

The Chargers surrendered a 27-0 lead to crash out of the playoffs. As a result, offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Shane Day have been let go.

Brandon Staley says he wants to transition to a style that utilizes both the pass game and the run game.


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“Just felt like we needed to make changes to the offense and the vision I have on that side of the ball,” Brandon Staley said.

“I think there’s a different gear we need to get to as a football team, definitely not an easy decision because they did a really quality job for two years, but I think we can make improvements on that side of the football, and that’s what we’re going to have our focus be moving forward.”

“Yeah, I think there’s just a different level that we need to play at, offensively, particularly at the line of scrimmage, in the run game, and having a marriage of the run and the pass, creating more explosions on early downs, and I think there’s just a style of play that’s still out there for us,” Staley said. 


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“And I think we made improvements each season towards heading where I think we can ultimately go as a football team, and again these aren’t easy decisions but I think you’re not trying to stay at a certain place, you’re always trying to take your game to another level, and that’s what it’s about, creating that optimal level that I know our team can get to offensively.”

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