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California Latest to Prepare for Legal Sports Betting

California has joined the ranks of Connecticut, Mississippi and New Jersey and other states who are preparing for PAPSA to be overturned. New Jersey’s sports betting case is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court in 2018. And if the leagues want to know what others think of their chances, it’s not good. But that doesn’t mean New Jersey is a lock to win. It just means the states are acting responsible and planning ahead. If there’s money to be made the states want to be ready.

The amendment that has been proposed would go to the voters for final approval. But if given the opportunity to pass gambling laws, the residents would most likely vote in favor of. Although a liberal state in makeup, the state already has card rooms, horse tracks and Tribal casinos. Since California has the largest population in the country, there will be plenty of lobbying by sportsbook interests.

“I am pleased to see the US Supreme Court has shouldered the burden of bringing legal clarity to the issue of sports wagering and the rights of states under the United States Constitution,” Adam Gray, who introduced the amendment, said.

The tribes who operate casinos weren’t very happy about the announcement and threatened to withhold state payments, but they have no legal ground to stand on. The state allows the tribes to operate slot machines and ‘banked and percentage card games.’ Sports betting and card games aren’t in the same category. If the tribes really want sports betting, they would have to renegotiate their agreements with states. Anything else isn’t really possible.

The Supreme Court has several things to consider in New Jersey’s case. Not treating all states equally is a big part of it. That’s known as equal sovereignty and from a legal standpoint doesn’t look for the leagues. But it’s far from the only thing on shaky ground regarding PAPSA.

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