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Cam Newton Love-In For Real, Say Former Players

Last year, people wouldn’t have believed that Tom Brady would be in Tampa and Cam Newton would be in Boston.

However, after Brady left the Patriots after 20 years, that is the direction things have taken. 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton is a controversial choice to replace Brady. But then, anyone would be.

Bill Belichick has waxed lyrical about Cam Newton since his arrival in New England. Until now, it hasn’t been clear whether he means it, or if it’s just a barb aimed towards his former signal caller.

According to a couple of former NFL stars, the hype is real, and Belichick is truly excited about what Newton can do.


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“Fully committed to Cam Newton, absolutely. Bill Belichick’s ‘toes are being curled’ by Cam Newton just coming into camp…not only is Cam the starting quarterback but also one of the offensive team captains and he’s done it the right way, the way you always have to do it – by grinding, putting work in and having tremendous energy,” Marcellus Wiley said.

It looks as if Newton will be the starting quarterback when New England faces the Miami Dolphins in Week 1. He is certainly a better player than either Jarett Stidham or Brian Hoyer at the moment. Whether he can do it consistently over a season remains to be seen.

Former Washington Football team player LaVar Arrington says that Newton is firing on all cylinders.


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“I gotta give you guys credit and I gotta give Bill Belichick credit for this. He understood the presence and the impact of Cam Newton. Look at him in this film right there. The amount of confidence that he has going through his exercises, his warmups…The day he (Bill Belichick) brought Cam in, he had the biggest, most influential personality that could possibly come in on the team,” Arrington said.

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