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Cavaliers Guard Kyle Korver: Losing’s Hard

Cavaliers forward Kyle Korver has given a Q&A to NBA.com in which he outlines the Cleveland rebuilding process.

The former 76ers, Jazz, Bulls, and Hawks All-Star says that defeats are hard to take, although he enjoys the process.

And Kyle Korver has had to take a lot of defeats this season. His Cleveland Cavaliers team are 1 – 11 on the season. They rank bottom statistically in both offense and defense as they try to mix veteran like Kyle Korver with youth.


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As well as the rebuilding process in the wake of LeBron’s departure, Korver says injuries have played a major role. As well as that, he says, the coaching change has been a factor.

“I think you go into every season trying to be hopeful and optimistic.

The part I was excited about, and still am excited about, is you’re building a whole, brand new culture here. The last few years was kind of top-heavy with how we operated and how we played, and there has to be a new mindset. I like the building process — that’s not the part that’s hard. Losing’s hard. And the injuries we’ve had. It’s hard to build the kind of culture you want when you’re not healthy. It’s hard to play. So we’re losing. We’re down bodies. There’s been a coaching change. We’re, what, [12] games in? A lot has happened.”


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Korver says there’s a lot of work to be done, and he has confidence in the Cleveland Cavaliers organization.

“I haven’t been on a lot of rebuilding teams, for sure.

“The only thing I can compare it to was when I went to Atlanta. Danny Ferry was the new GM and the whole “Atlanta Hawks” kind of got rebranded and rebuilt. they brought in coach [Mike Budenholzer], who brought in his staff, his philosophies and a ton of new players. I really liked those years. Building the culture — I enjoy that. But there’s a lot that goes into that. You’ve got to have a lot of pieces, not just on the team but throughout the organization. I think the Cavs are serious about that and working on it.”

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