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Chestnut Huge Favorite in Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest

He would be the equivalent of the 1927 New York Yankees in the world of competitive eating. So it’s little surprise that Joey Chestnut is a -400 favorite to win the Famous Nathan’s Hot dog Eating Contest. After Chestnut was upset by Matt Stonie in 2015, many thought his best days were behind him. But he rebounded last year with a convincing win.

Chestnut opened at close to a 5-to-1 favorite and his odds have dropped a bit. But that as more to do with people betting on the field and taking favorable odds. Unlike some previous years where there odds on several different eaters, this year it’s Chestnut or the field.

Chestnut is ranked No. 1 by Major League Eating, while Stonie is No. 2. Carmen Cincotti is ranked No. 3. Several one-time noted eaters have dropped in the rankings, such as Eric “the Red” Denmark, who is now No. 14. Eric “Badlands” Booker has fallen to No. 16.

The other wager that is being offered is an over/under on the number of dogs eaten. After Chestnut gobbled 70 last year, the total this year is 70.5. But the under is a big favorite at -230 while the over returns +190.

After regaining his belt, Chestnut may not have the same incentive to demolish the field. That makes the over a bit risky. But if anybody can do it, Chestnut is as good a bet as anybody. This is a man who ate 14.5 pounds of boysenberry pie in 8 minutes. And this is the same guy who downed 53 Taco Bell soft tacos in 10 minutes. But his greatest feat may have been eating 121 Twinkies in 6 minutes in 2013.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has become a Fourth of July tradition at Coney Island. And Joey Chestnut has been a big part of that tradition for a number of years. He’s likely to extend that one more year.

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