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Chicago Bulls Players Reportedly Held Meeting Without Coaching Staff

Reports circulating this morning suggest that a player mutiny is under way at the Chicago Bulls.

The Chicago Bulls are something of a fallen giant this season. The team is currently in last place in the Eastern Conference. Chicago’s record this year is 6 – 21, a poor season by any standards, not to mention a franchise like the Bulls.

One of the most iconic modern NBA teams suffered it’s worst ever defeat on Saturday against the Boston Celtics. The Boston Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls at home by a score of 133 – 77.

The deficit of 56 points was the worst ever defeat for the Bulls and the best ever for the Celtics.


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In the fallout from the game, Bulls players reportedly skipped their Monday practice session in favor of a players-only meeting.

From the Chicago Tribune, the meeting was organized after several players considered skipping practice entirely.

The meeting lasted two hours and was led by Justin Holiday and Zach LaVine. Apparently, the coaching staff were locked out for the entire two hours.

Head coach Jim Boylen and his staff were only allowed in once the meeting ended. Afterwards, another meeting was held with Boylen, his staff and the rest of the roster.

However, Boylen denies that any such player meeting took place, insisting that he was the one who called the meeting.

“Our meeting is what I thought we needed,” Boylen said

“We’re still learning about each other. I’ve moved over the 18 inches [from one chair on the bench to the next]. They’re still learning how I want it. There’s been a little shock and awe here in the last seven days. And there’s an adjustment to that.”


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Part of this shock and awe was Boylen benching most of his big players in the second half of the Celtics game. It’s a drastic move from the still-new head coach, one which appears to have backfired badly.

We will see how the Bulls players react when they face the Sacramento Kings at home on Monday night.

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