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Chicago Cubs Are In No Hurry

When the Chicago Cubs open big in preseason future odds, it isn’t too big of a surprise, so when they opened with around 16-1 odds to win the World Series in the preseason future odds it wasn’t a sign that they were going to be an excellent team. It was instead a sign of overzealous Cubs fans jacking up their odds before play actually started.

What is surprising, though, is Chicago made a deep playoff run despite many faults that still need time to close. It is this sort of patience that may frustrate some Cubs fans, as after going around 70 years without a World Series win, they are anxious to win now.

However, the Cubs slow building will pay off in the end. They will be an even bigger force to be reckoned with next, because if their is anything 70 World Series-less years have taught the Cubs, it is patience.

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