Chris Jones, Chiefs

Chris Jones Credits ‘Guys In The Room’ For His Success

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones says the culture at Kansas City is what enables him to thrive as he is.

Chris Jones has recorded a sack in each game he’s played in 2023. His streak of sacks in eight consecutive games goes back to 2022 and is the longest active run in the NFL.

Head coach Andy Reid says Chris Jones is so good you almost have to play him in multiple positions. In fact, 60% of his third-down snaps have come along the edge this season.


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“I think every year has its challenges; every season has its adversity,” said Jones.

“Most importantly I think it’s about the guys in the room with you who (can) balance your success. If you’ve got guys who are unselfish and allow you to be you and excel in what you do best, it can excel the whole room. I think hand in hand with the guys I have in the room with me I think is a counter product of my success.”

“This is what he’s been the last few years, he’s grown up before our eyes,” Reid said. 

“I think he’s taking it serious — the last few years he’s been very serious on the skill of both spots (defensive tackle and defensive end).”


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“Somebody as good as he is, you’ve got to move him around a little bit,” Reid said. 

“He’s, not a mark man, but they know they’ve got to slow him down. The best you can move him around, that helps him. Now he’s a good enough athlete where he can do that, he has a good enough feel for things where we can do that with him. 

“Not everyone can do that, he gives you that flexibility. That’s what (defensive coordinator Steve) Spags (Spagnuolo) and (defensive line coach) Joe Cullen do, they give him opportunities outside and inside, mix it up a little bit.”

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