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Chrisite Asks Trump Not to Ban Online Gaming

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President Donald Trump have been good friends over the years. But they may be at odds over Internet gambling. Christie signed a bill on Friday asking Trump and Congress not to ban online gambling. The New Jersey Assembly and Senate already approved the bill.

In an interview last year with The Associated Press during the presidential campaign, Trump declined to take a position on internet gambling. He said, “I have a lot of friends on both sides of this issue.”

Almost half of Atlantic City’s casinos went out of business in the last three years. Online gaming was seen as a way for them to increase revenue, which happened last year. But online gambling has strong detractors. One of them is Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Sands Corporation. He also happens to be a big financial supporter of Trump.

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are the only states that offer internet gambling. But several other states are considering legalizing it.

Part of the resolution states, “This resolution urges United States President Donald Trump, members of President Trump’s administration, and Congress to oppose any measures and actions that would prohibit states to conduct Internet gaming. Recent measures in Congress, if pursued by the new Congress and supported by the President and his administration, would prohibit the transmission by wire communication of any bet or wager or of information assisting in the placement of any bet or wager, including Internet gaming. In his confirmation hearing as nominee for United States Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions indicated his desire to revisit the federal Justice Department ruling that currently allows the states to authorize Internet gaming.”

But friends are friends. Financial supporters are financial supporters. And financial backers usually get their way before friends do when it comes to politics.

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