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Conference USA Week In Review

There were some great highlights for Conference USA fans over the weekend and a lot of big game moments that are worth talking about.  There was the first-time meeting between cross-state rivals Florida Atlantic and South Florida.  There was another in-state rivalry game between MTSU and Memphis.  Also, Rice had a big game.  Let’s get right into it with a review of this week in Conference USA football.

Florida Atlantic 28 vs. South Florida 10


For the first time these two schools in the same state collided on Saturday with Florida Atlantic coming away as the better team.

Florida Atlantic quarterback Jaquez Johnson throw an interception in the first quarter, but it did not phase him for the rest of the game as he turned around and made an 80 and 93 yard march to the end zone.  Johnson would run the ball for a 4-yard touchdown to cap off the latter march that gave Florida Atlantic a 14-0 lead at the half.

South Florida was able to put some points on the board but it was not enough to keep up with Florida Atlantic, as they put up another rush TD and intercepted the ball for a 75 yard TD, given South Florida their fifth defensive TD in three games.

Middle Tennessee 17  vs. Memphis 15


It was a close game between MTSU and Memphis, as Memphis tried to avoid letting Middle Tennessee go 12-2 overall against them.

Memphis almost had MTSU beat, but Cody Clark hit a 40-yard field goal with 1:49 left to give Middle Tennessee the win over Memphis 17-15 in a Saturday night game.

Memphis had rallied back from a 14-3 second-quarter deficit to lead 15-14.  It was not enough to keep MTSU down.  Memphis perhaps hurt their own cause as they got a ton of penalties.  They were flagged 11 times for 114 yards in the first-half alone.

Rice 23 vs. Kansas 14


Some have picked Rice as the team that could snatch the Conference USA away from favorites East Carolina.  They demonstrated why that was with a big win against Kansas.

A 56-yard field goal and an 8-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter would give Rice the victory over Kansas.  Rice now has there record at 1-1 as they get back in contention for a Conference USA Championship run.

Also Notable:  Charles Ross carried the ball a career-high 27 times for 157 yards.  Driphus Jackson came off the bench, in for Taylor McHargue, to lead the drive in the fourth quarter that secured Rice’s win.

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