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Dak Prescott Aiming For Glory As He Approaches 30th Birthday

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott feels a renewed sense of focus as he approaches his 30 years old.

2023 will be his 8th year in the NFL since he took over from the injured Tony Romo in 2016. Dak Prescott has made the playoffs four times in seven years and been to the Pro Bowl twice.

Head coach Mike McCarthy enters his fourth year in charge without really taking the team to the next level. Dallas has recorded consecutive 12-win seasons under McCarthy without making the NFC Championship Game. 


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The Cowboys have not even been in contention for a Super Bowl since 1995. This is something Dak Prescott, now thinking of himself as ‘the old guy’, hopes to change.

“Just understanding injuries and what I’ve been [through] throughout my career and understanding that you don’t have forever to play this game,” he said. 

“I’m blessed for every moment that I get. Just trying to take it with a sense of urgency.”


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“I’ve always felt older I guess. Just being 30 doesn’t necessarily bother me,” Prescott said.

“Knowing that I am the old guy, going into Year 8, seeing some of the young guys, some of the rookies and seeing the difference in eight years. It’s fun and challenging at times, knowing that I stay connected and stay in the now with what’s cool and whatnot. But this game is beautiful. It doesn’t matter how old you are because you play this game like a kid.”

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