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Dak Prescott Contract Extension ‘Our Challenge’ – Jones

Jerry Jones has reiterated that the Dallas Cowboys intend to sign quarterback Dak Prescott to a contract extension.

It’s a necessary bit of noise management after reports suggested Dallas is preparing to move on from Dak Prescott. As Jerry and executive vice president Stephen Jones outline, the franchise is preparing for multiple things. Moving on from Dak Prescott isn’t one of them.

The Cowboys were quiet in free agency. The organization is also quiet regarding the contracts of Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons.


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“We’d like to see more leaves fall,” said Jerry Jones.

“We’d like to see more action. It’s called option quarterback. I’ve spent my life [playing] option quarterback. I want to see some more cards played.

“We want Dak,” he added. “We think that there’s room for growth. … If you are a team that has a lot of cap room, and then you have a quarterback for a little while that is well underneath in his rookie contract — San Francisco last year, us with Dak early after we had [Tony] Romo — boy, we had a lot of credit card use there on Romo. 

“Dak came along, so we didn’t have to have it so we were able to absorb that money and still keep Tyron [Smith] around him. So Dak has enjoyed, in his career that we’re proud of, some of the best supporting casts that you could put around him.

“To move forward, we will have to diminish that. That’s a fact, that’s the rules. That’s our challenge and to make it work out. Dak as the quarterback Cowboys, I don’t even have a blink on that one.”


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“You don’t think the representatives for Jefferson and CeeDee and Chase are not all talking?” Stephen Jones said. “You don’t think they don’t have their eye on something really big? Please. They’re not ready to come in here. Same thing with Micah. Same thing with Dak. It’s just a little cat-and-mouse. Total respect for them.”

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