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Dan Campbell Tells Lions To Pick Themselves Up For Raiders

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell has warned his players not to let their humbling against Baltimore affect their next game.

Detroit was on a run of four consecutive wins heading into Sunday. They were handed a brutal reality check by the Ravens, who raced into a 28-point first-half lead.

The eventual 38-6 defeat was their heaviest since Week 8, 2021 when the Eagles beat them by 38 points. The Lions’ measly six points was their fewest in a game since Week 7 of 2022.


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Dan Campbell, whose team is now 5 -2, did not mince his words following the match. 

“Those guys, they played well. They kicked our ass,” Dan Campbell said. 

“It’s a credit to them.

“Lamar beat us,” Campbell said. “He hammered us with his arm, he threw the ball extremely well. He ran when he needed to, and we did not handle it well.

“Offensively, we never got in a rhythm early,” he said. “We just kind of felt they were playing with house money over there. You get up so much by a certain portion in that game then it’s, shoot, they’re kinda doing whatever they want to do.

“When you get in that hole, what happens is everybody starts pressing,” Campbell said. “You’re doing more than you’re asked to do and because of that it creates more problems. And that’s on both sides of the ball.”


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“It’s in all three phases really. Look, we just didn’t play well, and I hate to say it, that’s one of those games. It’s one of those, we just could not get out of our own way. It’s a credit to those guys over there. They played outstanding football and they rubbed our nose in it.”

“It’s here, it happened, it’ll motivate us moving forward,” Campbell said. “The shame would be if we don’t use this to get better for next week and it bleeds over into the Raiders. That would be the ultimate shame.”

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