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DeAngelo Williams puts Reporters in their place regarding his Role in the ‘Burgh


Newly signed Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has an immense duty to fulfil this season. The former Carolina Panthers workhorse was signed to be the consensus backup for Pittsburgh’s own Renaissance man, Le’Veon Bell.

With the young star copping a three-game suspension for DUI charges sustained last offseason, Williams must play the rare role of feature back during the Steelers’ early stretch. But despite the – albeit involuntary – promotion the veteran had some not-so-choice words for reporters questioning him on his responsibilities and role within the team.

Here is the complete transcript:

“Let me make sure we get this straight. Because all the Le’Veon questions and me and if I’m able to fill the role or if I’m not and all this. I came from Carolina, where I started for most of my career, Ok? So that’s not a heavy workload at all. By no means is it a heavy workload. All I have to do is get the playbook down, which I am. Understanding the terminology, which is different than Carolina’s, which I am [learning]. There won’t be any questions or problems with me answering these questions. Ya’ll just sit back and take a seat and relax and enjoy the show.”

“Man! Just sit back and enjoy the show and you can answer your own questions. If you watch practice, I get out here and work on my hands to get them right. I’m aware he caught 85 balls. I’m aware that Dri [Archer] caught a lot of balls last year. I’m aware that if the ball is thrown in my direction, I’m expected to catch it because the media is going to be on my back. I understand the role that I’m put in right now. I’m behind Le’Veon. I’m Le’Veon’s backup. There’s going to be a lot of emphasis on me. I get it. But guess what? I’m ready to handle that role. Whatever you guys are ready to throw at me, I’m ready for it. So shoot. Give me everything that you’ve got. Because it can’t get any worse than what you’ve already given me.”

The explosion has come a little out of left field for the typically conservative Williams, especially regarding his complaints over the grilling he has received from the media, which, even up to this point, has been virtually non-existent.

His firm stance in support of Bell, however, has to fill Steeler Nation with confidence. In his short time with the team, Williams has looked every bit like the anti-LeGarette Blount, whose temper tantrum in Tennessee led to his early departure for New England, where he was unjustly rewarded with a Super Bowl. Proving, once and for all, that good things do happen to bad people.

Williams, on the other hand, knows his place on the team, even if it is for a single season. The veteran has been brought in to keep the wheels of the offense churning whenever Bell needs a breather, notching up good-but-not-great yardage on the ground and giving Ben Roethlisberger a viable target out of the backfield and shotgun.

After Bell’s injury that kept him out of last season’s wild card loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers imploded from the inexperience and lack of playmaking ability at running back. Williams, 32 and coming off injury, is no longer the man who formed a volatile 1-2 combination with Jonathan Stewart in Carolina, but his no-nonsense, team-first attitude should endear him to the Pittsburgh faithful in no time.

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