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Frank Reich Likely To Get New Quarterback In The Draft

Frank Reich is bringing the lessons he learned in Indianapolis to his new role as head coach of the Panthers. 

The Colts had seven starters at quarterback in four seasons under Frank Reich. The 61-year-old says finding stability at the position is a priority for Carolina.

General manager Scott Fitterer says the organization’s preference would be to draft a quarterback, but didn’t commit to anything. 

Frank Reich also says he’s looking at more mobile signal-callers because the league is going that direction. 


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“You got to have stability at quarterback,” Reich said Tuesday. 

“You know, you want to have stability at quarterback, so the good thing that I’ve learned in my past experience here, in the past experience in the few years, is we’ve learned how to adapt different to styles of quarterbacks, but that’s not the ideal situation, right? So, we, Mr. (David) Tepper, Scott (Fitterer), and myself, have to commit to what’s our blueprint? How are we going to maintain stability at quarterback? Make a plan and then execute that plan.

“We all know the way the game’s going, right?” he said. 

“We all know the game is going to a more movement-style quarterback. I embrace that. I love that. We worked with some in Philadelphia, worked with Carson Wentz, and we did a lot of good things with movement, RPOs, play-action, all that stuff. Same thing in the years in Indy. We had some dropback, some movement guys. Ultimately, we can adapt to whatever, but where the game is going, most of the guys coming out in college have more movement, right? That has some advantages.”


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“I don’t think you ever want to box yourself in and say we’re going to strictly draft,” Fitterer told reporters. “I’ve always kind of said that’s the proper way to do it. To draft and develop from a cost-effective standpoint. But if we don’t believe that guy is there this year — and we haven’t even started that process, our scouts have. We’ll look at all options. But in an ideal world, we’d be draft and develop.”

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