Carolina Panthers Head Coach Frank Reich

Frank Reich Tells Flagging Panthers To Go Back To Basics

Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich says simplicity is the key to stopping their five game losing streak.

The Panthers have yet to win a game in 2023, and face the fearsome Miami Dolphins in Week 6. Through five games, this is the worst-performing Carolina team since 2010, when they finished 2 – 14.

They have scored 18.2 points per game in 2023 and have a – 53 point margin. As well as that, rookie quarterback Bryce Young is struggling. 


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Young ranks in the bottom five in passing yards per attempt (5.2), pass YPG (187.5) and passer rating (77.0).

Frank Reich is no stranger to tough starts. However, it is his first time starting as poorly as 0 – 5.

“Every coach would tell you when you’re 0-5. Do more? No. The answer is do less,” Frank Reich said

“Every coach in the history of the NFL. Hey, we’re 0-5, we’re 0-3, we’re 0-4, do less. Do less. Does that mean you gave him too much? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know the answer to that. I just know we got to get better.”


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“So that’s what we do as coaches,” he said. “Not (just) for the quarterback, the whole team. We did it on offense, we did it on defense, we did it on special teams. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Do the basics. Let the players play fast. Sometimes, it takes that to do it, and sometimes, that was the answer, and that’s why. Sometimes, it just works out to get you back on track and in rhythm.”

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