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Freddie Kitchens Faces Season-Defining Game on Sunday

Cleveland Browns coach Freddie Kitchens insisted that he’s not worried about his job security on Monday.

Freddie Kitchens was speaking at his regular press conference following Clevelands loss to the Steelers on Sunday.

The Browns are now 5 – 7, and face an uphill battle to make the postseason. It’s all a far cry from the preseason, where Cleveland was if not a favorite, a popular outside shot for the playoffs.

It all started so well, too. The Browns signed Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon in preparation for a big year. However, issues with Freddie Kitchens in his first year as a coach have come to the fore.


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The Browns’ hope of making the playoffs now rests on them winning the final AFC Wild Card spot. Considering they are two games below .500 with four to play, not only would they have to win all of their games, they would need other results to go their way as well.

The Steelers (7-5) and Titans (7 – 5) are both ahead of them, while they trail three other teams on 6-6. 

All of that will be moot if the Browns do not win their next game against the Bengals on Sunday. Kitchens says Cleveland must focus on it’s own game in order to recover from their latest defeat.


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“Just simply put, the same way we did when we were 2-6,” Kitchens said. 

“These guys invested a lot getting back to the point to get us where this game even meant anything. Moving forward, we’re going to do the same thing, because I know this: We have zero percent chance unless we take care of what we can take care of, and that’s just to go 1-0 this week.”

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