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Fresno State vs San Diego State: Quest For BCS Busters Continue

NCAA Football: UNLV at Fresno State

Fresno State‘s goal is simple.  They do not want to lose.  What is at stake for the bulldogs is a trip to a BCS Bowl game. To be more specific, they will be crashing a BCS Bowl game.

Fresno State are 6-0 and are ranked No. 17 in the top 25.  They have to keep winning if they hope to get into a bowl game.  A loss would eliminate any non-AQ team from Bowl contention.

A loss is exactly what San Diego State hopes to hand Fresno State.  The Aztecs have won three games in a row and now sit at 3-3.  While a Bowl game may not be in their future, a win against Fresno State will do a lot to bolster this team and could give them a better shot at making a late run to a Mountain West Championship.

San Diego State is going up against one of the toughest offenses they have played all season.  The Aztecs defense is going to have a tough task tonight, though they should have a loud home crowd behind them.  Fresno State also has trouble defending against the pass. The Bulldogs are No. 9 in the conference in pass defense.  The Aztech may want to consider airing the ball out on the offensive side.

Fresno State will likely try and get things started off early with a balanced attack.  They will want to score quickly and early and have the game in hand before the second-half of play as they did last weekend.

Fresno State is the seven point favorites to win this game.  Their moneyline is at -260 compared to San Diego State’s moneyline that is set at +7.  The game starts at 9:30 p.m.

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