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Haason Reddick Says Eagles Will Be QB Pressure Monsters

Pass rusher Haason Reddick anticipates many QB pressures playing in a young New York Jets defense next season.

Haason Reddick arrives in New York via a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles. The 29-year-old found himself surplus to requirements after Philadelphia acquired Bryce Huff in free agency.

However, Haason Reddick still has an excellent sack record and can add value. His experience should offset the departures of Huff and Quinton Jefferson.


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“I believe I have a lot left in the tank. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. That’s pretty much that,” said Reddick

“I feel like when I don’t have any more left to give, I’ll retire. Until that point, I’m going to continue to try to play my best ball.

“As far as the Eagles go, though, it wasn’t about what (is) left in the tank or anything like that. It’s a business, and sometimes hard decisions have got to be made, even if you don’t like them.”

Over his career, Reddick has recorded 58 sacks. He has put together four consecutive 10+ sack seasons including 11 last season and 16 in 2022. The New York Jets will als expect more from Will McDonald, who had three sacks last season.


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“The fact that we have a bunch of young dawgs,” Reddick said, “we’re gonna make it all easier for each other. So the attack, the attack, the attack style — I’m all for it. I’m all about constantly putting QBs under duress. With the group that we have, the front that we have, we should be able to do that really often.

“I’m happy to be around a group of guys like this, a talented roster such as this one.”

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