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How the Milwaukee Bucks May Sneak into the Playoffs

If the playoffs were played today the Milwaukee Bucks would be the number eight seed in the Eastern Conference.

I’ll write this sentence and then start a new paragraph to give that statement time to sink in.

That comes as a surprise to me as this team is largely off my radar. Whenever we talk about the Central Division all the focus is on the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers, but there is a third team that is currently has a playoff spot. They are also only three wins away from taking the Bulls spot as the number two team in the Central Division.

The Bucks are also holding on pretty well in the conference. The Bucks are not only the number eight seed, but Bucks1unlike in the Western Conference where the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks are right on the heels of the number eight seeded Houston Rockets, in the Eastern Conference the Bucks are sitting at number eight pretty comfortably. The closest team to knocking them out of the playoffs are seven games behind them.

Not only do the Bucks have their eye on the post-season, they are also on a hot streak. They have won their last four games. Included are big wins against the Utah Jazz and the Houston Rockets.

If the Bucks do make a playoff run it should be safe to assume that they will not go very far. If the playoffs were played today, the Bucks would take on the Miami Heat. They would not have a chance right? The Bucks have beaten the Heat early in the season, however. Not to mention that they have built a reputation of being an unpredictable team to face off against.

I’m not saying to start laying down your money on the Bucks. In fact, if you asked me, I’d tell you to do the opposite. However, I would not be surprised if the Bucks surprise everyone else in the post-season.

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