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Jalen Hurts On Mastering New Offense Under Moore

Quarterback Jalen Hurts says the players are excited by learning a new scheme under offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. 

The hiring of Moore was an acknowledgement that the offense had become stale. While Moore doesn’t differ hugely from the previous regime, a breath of fresh air is proving beneficial.

One difference from last season is the emphasis on jump-action plays, which DeVonta Smith says will allow for more flexibility. Jalen Hurts disagrees that the scheme isn’t that different, saying 95% of it is new.


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“I think it’s going to be great to get a new style of offense,” receiver DeVonta Smith said. “Let guys, not have more freedom, but be able to do things that we weren’t allowed to do [last year] — move guys around and things like that.”

Following a 1 – 6 run to finish the 2024 season, fresh impetus is required. Jalen Hurts says the learning process has been fun.


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“You get to a point where you feel, I’m going to be comfortable with this, I like this, that time comes when you can rep it, rep it, rep it later on, but right now it’s been a lot of new inventory in — the majority of it, probably 95% of it being new — and so it’s just been that process, and it’s been a fun process because you get to see what works for other people,” Hurts said.

“I think the goal coming in was to learn Kellen’s offense and to master it, and I think that’s been a process, and by the end of it, I want it to be mine and have it in my own way.”

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