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Jared Goff Focused on Winning at Cal not NFL

Jared Goff is a sociology student and football player at the University of California. He therefore is able to enjoy a great deal of anonymity. The football star said it was rare that his classmates even recognize him as the school’s star quarterback on the football team.

He prefers the anonymity as it keeps less pressure on him and fewer unneeded distractions.

Those days however are likely numbered as Goff is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks that will be eligible for the NFL draft in 2016. He is entering his junior season and sits at the top of many rankings for quarterbacks by national football analysts.

Questions are starting to come about what he will do next season – remain at Cal or head to the NFL. He prefers to answer that by saying he needs to worry about his season at hand in his and his teammates attempt to restore a winning football culture back at Cal.

His goal is to win games. He has said that he does not want to just load on personal stats but lose games, but would rather win games even if it meant his personal stats were lower.

NFL scouts are in love with Goff when it comes to his playing ability. Goff is 6-foot-4 and weighs 215 pounds. He has more than enough size to play in the pros. Add to that a strong and accurate arm and sufficient athleticism to be able to move effectively in the pocket and you have a strong recipe for NFL success.

While a sophomore, Goff was amongst the most productive quarterbacks in the nation with 3,973 yards passing, 35 touchdown passes and just 7 interceptions.

The numbers benefit from Tony Franklin, the offensive coordinator’s system, but Goff’s talents are such that he could play and be successful in any offensive system.

Goff’s father, Jerry, played professional baseball so son Jared does not have to go far to receive advice on the best way to manage success.

Cal is trying to promote Goff as a Heisman Trophy candidate because of his numbers, but the quarterback must put wins up on the board if he wants his stats to be recognized. He currently has 50 to 1 odds of winning that trophy, but things could change if he is able to put up Ws.

Cal as a team is 40 to 1 to win the Pac-12, so the team would have record some upsets if they want to reach a bowl game, win the conference and help Goff win the Heisman.

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