Joe Schoen

Joe Schoen Considering QB In Draft Or Free Agency

New York Giants GM Joe Schoen admits the quarterback position will need addressing in the light of Daniel Jones’ injury.

The first year of Daniel Jones’ new four-year, $160 million contract has been cut short by his season-ending ACL injury. However, before he got hurt in early November, he was struggling to live up to last season’s form.

In six games, Daniel Jones completed 108-of-160 passes for 909 yards, two touchdowns and six interceptions. As well as that, he was sacked 30 times and he ran 40 times for 20 yards and a touchdown.


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“He’s going to attack it,” Joe Schoen said on Monday. 

“If you guys all know Daniel and his work ethic, he’s probably a guy we will have to pull back.

“The expectation is when Daniel is healthy that he’ll be our starting quarterback. At the end, we don’t have a crystal ball in terms of how the rehab is going to go. Different patients respond differently in these surgeries whether there’s swelling in the knee or any setbacks. Again, nobody has a crystal ball but that’s the expectation moving forward.

“I’ve seen it,” Joe Schoen said. “You guys all saw last season, the guy (Daniel Jones) won 10 games, road playoff game for the Giants and you all saw the preseason. I think we got punched in the nose early on and dug ourselves a hole. We weren’t able to get out of it and trying to right now. We still believe in Daniel.”


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“We don’t have a crystal ball in terms of how the rehab is going to go (for Jones),” Schoen added. 

“I think we’re going to have to do something in the quarterback [room], whether it’s free agency or the draft. We don’t know when [Jones] is going to be ready. We’ll have to address [quarterback] at some point.”

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