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Jordan Love Not Viewed As A First Year By OT Bakhtiari

Jordan Love is being evaluated as something more than a first-year starting quarterback, at least by one of his teammates.

Various Green Bay Packers players, coaches and staff have been lining up to praise Jordan Love this offseason. A natural push to make him feel comfortable and motivated ahead of the new season.

From OT David Bakhtiari, though, comes a semblance of tough love. Bakhtiari says years spent learning behind Aaron Rodgers means Jordan Love is graded on a higher curve.


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“He’s had three years to understand the math of the offense, which is very fortunate for any first-round quarterback to get to watch and see how a first-ballot Hall of Famer and generational talent and a guy who borderline changed the quarterback position and how it’s played. And even the mechanics of even throwing the football,” said Bakhtiari.

You’re able to see that for three years and then now coming in, so yeah, his baseline for me is way higher.

“I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve seen from him. And I think he’s also understanding that he’s not going to be judged, either, by a first-year quarterback, which is great. I think he’s going to be competitive right out of the gate. I’ve seen his development in practice. I’m really excited to see it translate into the game, and him to get those game time and hours logged in. And really see how he adapts and corrects himself mid-game and game to game.”


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“A lot of things I’ve seen Aaron do at a very high level, and seeing the growth from [Love’s] rookie year to now is exponential. And that’s why I’m excited to go see him execute that in a game. There’s so many little things that the fans don’t get to see or notice that happen. The game within the game, so to speak. That’s what I’m really excited for him, and that’s why I definitely don’t view him a [first-year] quarterback.”

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