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Josh Allen Vying To Be NFL’s Best Defender

Jacksonville Jaguars pass rusher Josh Allen earned his contract extension with stellar play and a franchise-record 17.5 sacks.

Now, the two-time Pro Bowler is out to prove it wasn’t just one good season. In fact, he has his sights set high – Defensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl high.

Josh Allen says his drive ahead of 2024 will also propel his teammates. They could do with it, considering last season’s 9-8 record.


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“Last year, I figured out what works for me. And so, for me it’s OK, I’m glad it was at the time where I needed to figure it out to benefit off of it. But now for me it’s like, ‘You did it ’cause of that.’ No, I’m going to show you why. I found out what works for me, I’m going to double up, get better from that and improve mentally, physically and emotionally and now I can grow from there.

“One of my goals is I’m going to win Defensive Player of the Year,” Josh Allen said. “For me, I have to be tier one. I have to be above tier one because there’s guys (who) already solidified themselves that they’re looking at.”

“Well, you gonna have to beat me, so you gonna have to work,” Allen added.


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“So now I know this is what you want to do, I’m gonna show you, you’re gonna have to show me. If you’re slacking, defensive players of the year don’t do that. They don’t slack, so that’s the accountability we can hold in ourselves. It’s to see more guys buy into that bigger, bigger aspect. Shoot to the top. I didn’t play last year to be a Pro Bowler, I’m pissed about that. 

“So that’s another fuel that I can really bank on. I got a lot of stuff in my bag that I can carry on and a lot of things that fuel me going into this year. I’m excited about this year. Think it’s gonna be a great year. We got a great team.”

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