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Kyle Shanahan: I Love When The Rest Of The League Gets To Watch You

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan says their upcoming matchup against the Dallas Cowboys is ‘what you live for’.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has called the 49ers ‘probably the most likely team to go win the Super Bowl.’ Both sides are treating the game as a yardstick for their season so far.

Kyle Shanahan has got San Francisco clicking in 2023. At 4 – 0 they have scored at least 30 points in every game. Meanwhile, they’ve allowed only 14.5 points per game.

Dallas is one game behind on 3-1 with an average of 10.25 points allowed per game.


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“I’m a fan of football also first, growing up and everything and still am now,” Kyle Shanahan said.

“So anytime there’s big matchups and stuff, especially for the night games, that’s what’s great for our league and there’s nothing more fun than being a part of it as a player or a coach.

“These are like kind of the games you live for and you enjoy. But it’s a whole week to get there, big preparation. It’s still going to be the same type of game as always, just starts a little bit later and it’s still just going to be as long. But I know people will be amped up. I love it when the rest of the league gets to watch you. 

“When it’s on national TV it’s great for all the fans and stuff, but it’s really cool that usually the players and everything and coaches are home by the end of the day and they get to see that game, too. I know that’s what we enjoy the most.”


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“They are, right now, probably the most likely team to go win the Super Bowl, but in order for them to get there, they have to go by us, hopefully two times if that’s the way it falls in the playoffs and we’re in the playoffs, of course,” Jerry Jones said. 

“But the bottom line is you’re playing the best. You don’t need the game to tell you you’re playing the best, but you need the game to show you how you stack up against the best.”

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