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Kyle Shanahan Urges Focus On Upcoming Bengals Matchup

The San Francisco 49ers are ‘humbled’ following their second straight defeat of the season, their first consecutive losses since 2022. However, head coach Kyle Shanahan says they can’t afford to worry about Sunday’s 22-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

After starting 5 – 0, their next game against the Bengals could prove pivotal in their season. A win will be the difference between entering their bye week 6-2 instead of 5-3.


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“We flat out got beat,” Kyle Shanahan said of the Vikings game. 

“I think right now you got to take it like a man. We got a game here, I think tomorrow when we wake up, it will be five days from now. We’ve got a team coming off a bye week who has been waiting for this for a little bit. 

“We can’t sit here and worry about what’s happened before this. We have to make sure we do everything from now all the way until Sunday when the game is over to beat the Bengals. Then we go into our bye week. I just looked at our guys right now. We have about five and a half days left. Got to focus all on that, make sure we go into the bye week 6-2, not 5-3.”

Kyle Shanahan will need to focus on the tighter, more attritional games. The 49ers are capable of blowout wins, as the first five weeks of the season showed. As linebacker Fred Warner says, they need to figure out how to win when everything isn’t going their way.


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“I think the thing right now is we’ve got to find ways to win the grimy games, the ones where it’s not looking great and find a way,” Warner said. 

“Obviously, we can win, 30-10, but who are we and what are we going to do when we’re down and we’ve got to come back and win a game?”

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