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Lakers Playing a Waiting Game on Anthony, James and Gasol

Hurry up and wait is the word for the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA Pacific division Lakers know they must have success in the free agent market this offseason or they will suffer through another miserable regular season.

Los Angeles also needs to hire a new head coach but want to wait and see if they are able to re-sign Pau Gasol or sign Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James from the free agent market.

Kobe Bryant the veteran Laker said if the Lakers did not sign either Anthony or James things would still be fine.

Bryant spoke about how aggressively the organization has been in trying to sign free agents. Los Angeles was one of just five teams that hosted Anthony to discuss the possibility of the All-Star forward playing for the team.

Anthony met with the entire Lakers front office between two different meetings and held a private meeting with Bryant after the second meeting with Los Angeles management.

Two executives for the Lakers then flew out to Cleveland for a meeting with Rich Paul the agent for James.

Bryant said the Lakers organization was doing all it could to make sure the team was a contender next season.

Bryant on Wednesday said how much he would like to play on the same team as Anthony. He said the chemistry and friendship that has been built with two Olympic teams for the U.S. would allow them both to make adjustments on the court so the team would get the best out of both players.

Bryant also is confident that if Anthony signs with the Lakers, they can also re-sign Pau Gasol who is weighing his own options with Golden State, New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Miami and Oklahoma City.

If things go the wrong way for the Lakers they could see a domino effect. If Anthony opts to re-sign with the New York Knicks or another club, Gasol likely will sign with another as well, as he wants to play for a team that is a contender for the NBA title.

Los Angeles would then have to regroup and focus on free agents from the second tier of players. Trevor Ariza from Washington and Isiah Thomas from Sacramento are two possibilities.

The Lakers would not likely spend much as they would then focus on the possibility of signing Kevin Love after the 2014-15 season ends followed by Kevin Durant following the 2015-16 season.

Bryant knows these things take time and it is a waiting game, but the Lakers do not have all the time in the world to wait.

Bryant for the most part has approved of the expected hiring of Byron Scott as the head coach. Scott won three NBA titles with Los Angeles as a player, mentored Bryant during his rookie season in 1996-97 and has coached for the Nets, Hornets and Cavaliers.

Bryant also assured everyone listening that his health was back to normal after suffering an Achilles tendon and left knee injury that caused him to miss all but six games over the past season.

Bryant is confident the front office for Los Angeles will be successful in signing new talent and put another contender on the court this fall.

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