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Little League Baseball Betting Frenzy

As sports bettors get older, they find the players they are betting on appearing younger and younger. At first, only college players were called “kids.” After 30 years of betting on sports, even the pro players are now “kids.” But now, you can literally bet on kids as a number of sportsbooks are placing odds on the Little League world Series. That’s right. Why wait until these guys get to the college level before wagering on them? Most of them are between 10 and 12 now, which is good enough.

Obviously betting limits are going to be fairly small. A sportsbook isn’t going to take a $10,000 wager on a sport where you could probably bribe a kid to throw the game for a new xBox or PlayStation. Betting the Little League World Series should be for fun or to have something to watch. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to win.

Sportsbooks aren’t stupid. No matter how much you may know about sports, the books probably know a little more. If they have Washington -1500 over Wyoming it’s for good reason. That doesn’t mean Washington is going to win. But you have to like their chances a little bit more than Wyoming’s.

Right now the regionals are taking place. These are games that determine which teams make it to Williamsport, Penn., for the Little League World Series. Bet limits will be raised for those games a bit. And more sportsbooks will take wagers on those games. So it’s not too late to start planning ahead. Look at the pitchers who throw during regionals and remember they have pitch counts. You’ll soon be able to tell which pitchers are the best on each team. If those pitchers have burned all of their innings that might be a team to avoid or bet against. No edge is too small to have.

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