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Man Beheads Best Friend Over Gambling Money

David Napier doesn’t like to take no for an answer. After his request for a $100 loan was turned down, Napier bludgeoned his best friend to death with a hammer. But he didn’t stop there. He later used an axe and saw to dismember the body and poured bleach on it to cover the smell. After disposing of it in several garbage bags, he later buried the evidence over a period of six weeks. Although he wasn’t very good about it and tried to use what he saw on CSI. Even his own attorney said the plot was juvenile and he was always going to be caught.

The $100 for for gambling, as Napier had wracked up massive debt in the days leading to murder. After killing Richard Andrews, Napier frequently stayed in his house and drove his car. He told neighbors Andrews was on vacation. He stole cash from the house and forged bank documents. But even after that, he was still $18,000 short on making up his debts. Napier had previously borrowed large amounts of money from Andrews. That likely led to him being told no when he asked Andrews for additional cash.

During a police interview he denied any involvement with Andrews’ disappearance. But he later broke down and admitted guilt and he pleaded guilty in court. But he certainly didn’t receive much sympathy from the judge, who gave him a life sentence. Supreme Court Justice Bruno Fiannaca jailed Napier for life with a minimum of 22 years.

“To ordinary, decent members of the community your crimes will defy comprehension,” Justice Fiannaca said. “You killed him because you were desperate for money as a result of your reckless gambling. You denied him dignity in death. It is difficult to fathom that you would do what you did to a close friend.”

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