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Marcus Peters Already Mentoring Young Raiders Players

Veteran Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Marcus Peters intends to bring stability and leadership to the team he grew up supporting.

He’s already made an impression on rookie Jakorian Bennett, who could play alongside him.

“He’s a ball hawk … so smooth and just cerebral. But yeah, him just kind of being an open book … if I can get some of the knowledge he has, going into Year 1, that can just kind of slow the game down for me, a lot.”

Marcus Peters says he is open to any player who wants to ask him for advice.


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“I tell everybody, man, ‘I’m an open book, and for you to get the information, you’ve got to go want to pull it out of the library and you’ve got to want to go read it,'” said Marcus Peters.

“He just comes over and ask questions, and every question he’s got [that] I don’t got the answer, we’re going to figure it out together,” Peters said. 

“And then we get in the meeting room, he sits right next to me and he’s still asking questions. And that’s how it goes, that’s how game is passed down most of the time.”

The Raiders’ acquisition of Peters is about more than locker room presence, though – he fills a tactical need. He has 26 more interceptions (32) than any other corner on the roster.


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“I play offense on defense and defense on offense,” he said.

“They go hand in hand. I want to get the ball, and when the ball is in the air, you’ve got to have a will and want to go get it … you’ve got to just make sure that infects the whole locker room and we all just do it as one unit — you feel me? — and it’s going to pay off for us.”

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