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McGregor Odds Continue to Drop

Many bookmakers admit to being baffled. Professional bettors also share that bewilderment. But the bettors are speaking loud and clear. They believe Conor McGregor is going to defeat Floyd Mayweather.

As some sportsbooks, the betting has seen 90 percent of the wagers come in on McGregor. At Cantor Gaming in Las Vegas, 95% of the bets have been on the brash MMA fighter. But not everybody thinks he will get the job done. Mike Tyson said McGregor will “get killed” by Mayweather. Think what you want of Tyson, but the main does know a little bit about fighting.

With all the wagers coming in on McGregor the odds have dropped. At one time Mayweather was -2500. Now he is down to -600 after hitting a low of -550. The average bet on Mayweather is larger than a wager on Conor. But part of that is due to the odds bettors are forced to lay. At the Westgate, 93 percent of the bets are on McGregor. But just 76 percent of the money is on him.

That’s not to say there haven’t been some big bets coming in on McGregor. At South Point, one bettor plunked down $35,000 on Conor winning by knockout. That would yield a win of $210,000 at the +600 odds it was offered at.

Most of the wise guys are going to be on Mayweather. It was sharp money that pushed the odds back to -600 and if they drop below that again, expect to see the sharps take another stand. The average bettor doesn’t like to risk those types of odds. But they will take a shot on an underdog they believe has a chance. That’s one reason McGregor is so popular with bettors. If the odds were lower, there would be many more bets coming in on Mayweather.

The Mayweather-McGregor fight will take place Aug. 26, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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