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Michael Mayer: I Think We’re Gonna Have A Great Offense

,Michael Mayer isn’t bothered by the Raiders drafting another tight end so shortly after taking him early last year.

In fact, Michael Mayer is excited to start working with Brock Bowers, who Las Vegas took 13th overall from Georgia.

Michael Mayer didn’t have as impactful a season as the two 2023 TE draftees who were selected before him. Dalton Kincaid and Sam LaPorta had 86 and 73 receptions respectively last season. Meanwhile, Mayer had 27 in 14 games.


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“He’s fast. He’s got great hands. He can block. He can do it all. I feel like we can both do it all,” Mayer said

“I think we’re gonna be dangerous, I think we’re gonna have a great offense. That’s kind of all I’ve got to say about it. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”


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“100 percent, 100 percent. Look, our whole job is to win ball games. As an offense, we need to score touchdowns, and that’s what we’re going to do to the best of our ability,” Mayer continued.

“We can play a lot of 12 personnel, we can play a lot of 11, we’ve got a lot of weapons. I think you guys know that: We’ve got a lot of weapons.

“I already met Brock. I’ve been practicing with him for a week. He’s a great guy, so it’s been good.”

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