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Mike McDaniel Takes Blame For Dolphins’ 21-14 Loss

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel took responsibility for Miami’s incoherent comeback effort against Kansas in Frankfurt on Sunday.

As did quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who threw the hope-killing incompletion to Ced Wilson that ended any chance of a comeback.

The Dolphins are special offensively this year, but it didn’t show in Germany. Down 21 at halftime, Miami rallied but couldn’t execute when it mattered. Tua Tagovailoa finished the game with a season low 193 yards and one touchdown.


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Mike McDaniel says the misunderstanding between Tua and Wilson is an issue that could have been worked on in practice.

“You know, I think if I know my personnel well, Tua is probably standing up here since he gets to talk before me and saying this, that and the other and it’s on him. It wasn’t,” Mike McDaniel said.

“There’s a lot that falls squarely on my shoulders. They were doing something that we had talked about, and the miscommunication is something that doesn’t happen if I put them in the appropriate situation during the week. Tua didn’t have time to observe. 

“He signaled kind of one route, and that has a conversion, and Cedric interpreted it as another thing, and that’s just things that when you’re working together as a football team and you have the right effort and mentality from all your players that it’s one hundred percent something that I can control personally.”


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“What happened with me and Ced, that was just miscommunication, and in big-time moments, those things like that can happen,” Tagovailoa said.

“I’ve got to throw a better ball. It was just miscommunication there. Then, with the last play of the game, I’m always going to blame myself. I’ve got to catch the ball. Whether that’s getting in a better position to catch it or whatever it is, can’t end the game like that when we have an opportunity like that against a really good team.”

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