Mike Zimmer, Vikings

Mike Zimmer warns NFL’s new helmet rule will be costly

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer thinks there will be dire consequences to the NFL’s new helmet rule.

“It’s going to cost some people some jobs,” Mike Zimmer said, per Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. “Playoffs, jobs, the whole bit, I guess.”

He continued, pointing out nobody has suggested any changes to him with the 2018 season approaching:

“We haven’t had any called on us so far. It’s just hard to figure out. No one has ever said to me, ‘Hey, don’t worry about it, we’re going to call it less or we’ll get it straightened out in the regular season. Or we’re going to come up with a revised rule.’ No one has ever said that.”


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Zimmer’s comments come after San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman voiced his dissent toward the rule on Twitter.

He included video of a rugby tackle and said it would draw a flag in the NFL and called the rule “idiotic” while explaining the difficulties of adjusting on the fly while tackling:

The new rule has already drawn plenty of ire from different sources across the league in the preseason, but that displeasure will surely increase if Zimmer’s prediction proves true.

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